NSTC Programs are all Accredited by the Maritime Training Council (MTC) and Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for its quality system.
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  Seafarers with Designated Security Duties
1.5 days
Php 1,700.00
  Basic Training (BT)
8 days
Php 5,500.00
  Entry Enclosed Spaces (EES)
1 days
Php 2,500.00
  Sexually-Transmitted Diseases, HIV, AIDS Prevention in the Maritime Sector
1 days
Php 550.00
  Prevention of Alcohol and Drug Abuse in the Maritime Sector (PADAMS)
1 days
Php 600.00
  Proficiency in Survival Craft & Rescue Boat other than fast rescue boat (PSCRB)
4 days
Php 5,250.00
  Medical First Aid (MFA)
4 days
Php 3,800.00
  Advanced Fire-Fighting (AFF)
4 days
Php 6,000.00
  Rating forming part of a Engineering Watch (EWK)
4 days
Php 3,900.00
  Rating Forming Part of Navigational Watch (DWK)
4 days
Php 3,600.00