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Typhoon Ruby
posted: 2014-12-08T16:44:31-08:00

One year after the super typhoon Yolanda Palompon was again challanged by the strong typhoon Ruby which was heading for the Eastern Visayas.

NSTC offered the dormitory to be used as evacuation center for residents of Palompon. On Friday December 5 the number of people who wanted to take shelter in the dormitory became too much. It was decided to open the class rooms in the training center to accomodate additional evacuees.

There was a good coordination between the NSTC staff and the staff from the LGU and medical teams to make sure that all people were taken care off.

During Saturday the wind and rain started to itensify to strong winds, gusts and heavy rains. It lasted till Sunday afternoon before winds and rain started to slow down.

Starting Sunday evening the evacuees started to return to their homes. By Monday morning all people had left the NSTC buildings.

After assessment of all buildings and facilities of NSTC it could be concluded that no major damages were noticed and all preparations had paid off.