at NSTC, we train our students to meet the
international demand for seafarers.

First Seafarers with Designated Security Duties Courses executed successfully
posted: 2017-02-13T03:59:04+00:00

In January 2017 NSTC has successfully trained the first Batch of participants in its newly accredited Seafarers with Designated Security Duties Course (including security awareness).

Ranul in Action during Electro Lesson

Wijnne Barends Motorman Course
posted: 2017-02-13T03:58:01+00:00

Wijnne Barends Motorman Coursethe new ‘Class A’ ships have been successfully trained in watch keeping and engine room operation and maintenance. The first time execution of this tailor-made course has been setup as a ‘train-the-trainer’ programme conducted by an instructor from STC B.V. for NSTC instructors. This entails that future executions will be in the hands of NSTC-staff members Ranulfo Etulle and Maricris Gallardo. Interested companies are invited to submit any training requests that they may have. Training may be setup in a similar manner.

Assessment and Certification of Seafarers according to IMO Model Course 3.12
posted: 2017-02-13T03:48:40+00:00

As part of the continuous improvement and upgrading of PIT and NSTC instructors, an Assessment and Certification Course according to IMO MC 3.12 has been conducted in November 2016. Nine out of ten participants have after assessment been deemed able to prepare, execute and evaluate an assessment of performance as well as to create execute and evaluate a written examination.